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Atelier Nguyen is an artist collective specialized in wedding photography & videography. Founded by Tu Nguyen from Tu Nguyen Wedding, the team of Marcel, David, Andrew, Jacob & Nhat loves crafting a visually cinematic story that reflects your love, your souls and your essence through photography and film. Using classic cinema as an inspiration, each film and image are beautifully composed with the addition of quiet sumptuousness.


● Wedding Videographer

● Based in Germany / Europe

● Marcel is half-Japanese, half-Vietnamese 

● Never been in Vietnam or Japan before!

● Motor or car? Motor! 

● Passionate Gym-Freerunner (or whatever it's called!) 

● Life's Mission: In Search of Light

● He does commercials (as actor) quite often!

● His most favorite possession: a hammock

● Always ends up bringing book he never read while traveling.

● See his work here


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● Wedding Photographer. 

● Based in Vietnam / South - East Asia. 

● Have potential as a singer !!! 

● Love that feeling after finishing even small thing. 

 ● Love black and white images. 

● Have a thing for classic cinema and electronic music. 

● Enjoy football and racing ... in video game.

● See his work here


● Wedding Videographer

● Based in Vietnam / South-East Asia

● Jacob like indie ambient music, especially Josh Leake

● Huge fans of Tom Hanks & Leonardo Dicaprio

● He used to be a guitarist in a band

● Things we can all relate to: hiking

● His favorite place in Saigon: Museum of Fine Arts

● Love classics cinema

● An excellent cook, his signature dish: hard-boiled eggs

● See his work here


● Wedding Photographer

● Based in Vietnam / South-East Asia

● An offer he can't refuse? Camping. A restless wanderer.

● Draws inspiration from films and music

● He used to be a mixologist for 6 years

● Loves mixing drinks, cocktails/mocktails

● Obsessed with Passenger, Novo Amor songs

● Weirdest Hobby? Collecting ambient sounds wherever he goes.

See his work here


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Wedding Photographer

Based in Paris / Europe

● Football boots collectionner

● Mother and father are artists -Wanted to be a professional footballer

 Favourite "food": Chocolate

● Favourite place: Kyoto

● Love listening to Chopin before sleep

● Wearing his buddhist necklace since he was a kid

● What's important: composition, cinematic & atmosphere.

Weird habit: Does karaoke every day.

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