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● Wedding photographer.

● Based in Vietnam / South - East Asia.

● Have potential as a singer !!!

● Love that feeling after finishing even small thing. 

● Love black and white images.

● Have a thing for classic cinema and electronic music.

Enjoy football and racing ... in video game.

We love what we do and feel honoured to be a part of your big day and celebrate life’s big moments with you, be it your favourite wedding venue in town or an exotic, faraway destination wedding of your choice.

Let's connect! Please shoot us an email with as many details (names, location, budget...) as possible at info@atelier-nguyen.com

We are usually really fast repliers but If you don't hear anything from us within 24 hours, that means our reply goes into your spam folder, please shoot us another email directly or send us imess/whatsapp messages to +49 179 726 3147

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